12 Filellinon Street Piraeus 18536 Greece
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On December 31th 1999, a contract was signed between the Ministry of Public Order and T&T Enterprises Ltd. (Navinco Ltd) for the construction of two fire-fighting rescue vessels (Fi-Fi) that would serve the port fire stations of Igoumenitsa and Patras.

The basic technical specifications were developed based on the needs of the ports they were intended to serve.

The ultimate goal was to cover the sea area of Western Greece - Southern Italy and for this reason the specific vessels were designed to have an autonomy of 400 nautical miles at a service speed of 20 knots.

Their fire-fighting capabilities reach the supply of 2,000 cubic meters of water per hour from 4 fire-fighting monitors, having a long shot of 80 meters. One of the fire-fighting monitors was remotely controlled, mounted on a hydraulic mast with variable height and a second (manual) was located on a snorkel boom with 15 meters elevation.

This boom, which is also the special feature of these vessels, provides the possibility of rescue directly between the fire-fighting vessel and the vessel caught on fire, making it possible to extinguish fires that are raging on the upper decks of large passenger ships. In addition to their special characteristics, in both Fi-Fis there is a system of self-protection with water shield.

  • LENGTH 38.50m
  • BEAM 8.06m
  • DRAFT 2.24m